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Welcome to our web page.

We decided to get this web site up and running so our family and friends can keep up with what we are doing.
Also if any of our fellow travelers get some information about; caravan parks, free camps or anything else happening on the road, we are only to pleased to think we could help in some small way.

Our names are Neil and Raine (Lorraine) this is actually our third attempt to get out and live on the road and enjoy this great country we live in. Our first van was a 17 foot Viscount, unfortunately due to medical reasons we only had one trip from Newcastle down to Victoria and back to Newcastle.

We were given the chance to look after a caravan park for a few years in 2006, the two years turned into four.
Finally we purchased a 21.5 foot Jayco van in late 2009 and hit the road in 2010. We wandered around getting the feeling of things and getting completely hooked. A brief rundown of our 2010/11 travels can be found on a separate page.

Our friend John asked if we would come back to the park for a while and give him a hand. In the two years we were back at the park we had a lot of renovation/changes done to the van to suit our life on the road. In the two years off the road we got to see a Grand Daughter graduate from High School and another Grand daughter born.

Finally in April 2014 it was time once again to say good bye to John at Walu and start to "Live The Dream"

If you are wondering about the name Mechanised Swaggies, well Raine refuses to turn Grey and I don't have enough hair to call it Grey so Grey Nomads is out. Being a country music tragic I decided to steal the title of a Slim Dusty song that we think really describes the life we intend living. Mechanised Swaggie

So come along with us on our big adventure.


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